Who Are We?

In 2004, driven by a curiosity towards design and materials, Cynthia Bouchakjian first began with creating accessories that incorporated elements like metal, leather, beads and many more. Soon after, her passion for leather grew as she experimented further. Bouchakjian’s appreciation of leather and love for design came together with her first line of belts.

With the expertise of the family owned business in leather trading back to the early 40’s helped her understanding of the qualities of leather; its touch, its feel, and its molding, and her understanding of the intricate craftsmanship that goes into the production of her designs soon led to the creation of her first collection of bags in 2008. The inspiration behind her collection is always simple: what the modern woman needs. A genuine person herself, a wife, and a mother, Bouchakjian’s inspiration stems from her own day-to-day happenings. As a woman on a mission, she seeks to instill practicality, lightness, playfulness, and quality craftsmanship in all her pieces. In celebration of the modern woman, the C by Cynthia designs have the ability to be integrated into every woman’s sense of style, creating a different canvas for every C by Cynthia piece.

In appreciation of the qualities that define every individual woman, C by Cynthia designs are made to be embraced by the unique characters of those women. It recreates a feel of nonconformity in every design; something that surpasses the test of time and is beyond the ever-changing nature of trends. It is a contemporary solution and a forward thinking name that anticipates every woman’s needs. From the strap, to the fold, to the shape of the bag, no thread is left to chance. The famous simplicity of the shapes comes to be after a designer’s vision and meticulous attention to detail. From everyday handbags, to statement clutches, to trendy, multifunctional, bags, the C by Cynthia designs are meant for every woman, everywhere.

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