Product Care

Maintaining the beautiful look and feel of your C by Cynthia bags, wallets, and shoes begins with proper leather care. All of our products are made in Lebanon from high-quality materials. Croc, calfskin, Lamb leathers are among them. Furthermore, some leathers are treated differently, which has an impact on handbag care. Specific care instructions can be found on each item’s individual care tag.

Please contact your local leather goods repair shop or email us on Cbycy[email protected] if you have any additional questions about care.

Further Assistance
If you require additional assistance with leather handbag care, cleaning, or repairs, we recommend visiting a reputable leather specialist. Please contact us at for more information or assistance. [email protected]

Our Italian calfskin leather is a buttery, ultra-smooth leather with a gleaming finish. Calfskin is known for its soft texture and durability. If not handled properly, this material is prone to scratching on occasion. To keep your piece hydrated, we recommend using a leather conditioner. Avoid exposing the item to abrasive surfaces and always store it in its dust bag. We also advise against exposing lighter-colored leather to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as the leather may transfer or stain.

Taking your bag to a reputable leather goods repair shop for advice on general maintenance and care is the best option.

Our Italian Cowhide Leather has a polished finish and is smooth and refined. Although it is known for its durability, it is still susceptible to scratching if not handled with care. We recommend using a leather conditioner on this leather every now and then to keep it hydrated. To avoid marks on the leather, we recommend avoiding abrasive surfaces and always storing the item properly in its dust bag when not in use. We also recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye for lighter colors in this material, as the leather may be subject to color transfer or stains.

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